Advaya is a global platform for transformative education that sits at the intersection of ecology, wellbeing, and community. Our events, online courses, and media platform link inner transformation with outer change, weaving stories of beautiful transformation, resistance, and renewal

Our world is in crisis: a crisis of mental health, the environment, and the economy. At the root of these crises is a system that has pushed both people and planet to their tipping point.

Advaya explores the connections between ecology, spirituality, and mental health, advocating regenerative narratives and economies, collective responsibility, public awakening and mobilisation. By embedding ecological awareness into our lives, we can move from narratives of growth to an economy that values social, individual and environmental wellbeing. Our live events, media platform and campaigns shift narratives, empower and inspire, weaving stories of beautiful transformation, resistance and renewal.

We believe positive change will occur when enough people are empowered and united. We therefore cultivate informed communities, link networks, and advocate alternatives, practices and knowledge in the areas of Food, Economy, Consciousness, Activism, Health, Lifestyle & Story-Telling. We enable people to stand at the forefront of positive change and support the transition to a happier, healthier and globally considerate world.