Alchemy of Fire/Vital Sparks

Alchemy of Fire/Vital Sparks

with Elena Harris

Learning how to ignite and control fire changed the course of human evolution, enabling our ancestors to keep warm, cook food, ward off predators and survive harsh climates. The bow drill method is one of the most primitive ways of making fire by friction using 2 pieces of wood and some string or hyde. We will be demonstrating this method along with other forms of primitive fire lighting, using natural resources for tinder and fuel. You will be given an opportunity to try some out for yourself too.

About Elena Harris (She/Her) – WildWise instructor, freelance Outdoor Educator & Singing Leader.

Elena was the co-founder of Wildlings; an unique outdoor only home education setting in the Chilterns. She participated in WildWise’s outdoor leadership programme Call of the Wild 2017, and since then continued to train and volunteer with WildWise until becoming an instructor in 2020. She is a qualified level 3 Forest School leader and has also trained in bushcraft with Ray Mears’ company Woodlore. Her current work with children focuses on nature connection, consent-based education and NVC resolution. She uses her affinity for indigenous knowledge to serve as a conduit to reconnect people with the land. Elena also uses her passion for singing in community to lead nature based singing circles to nurture the land through song and heart. 

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