Altered States and Altered Lives

Altered States and Altered Lives: After the Ecstasy, the Activism?

with Ros Watts (chair), Eby Chimba, Akua Ofosuhene, Michelle Baker Jones, Leonie Schneider, David Luke, Sam Gandy and Carys Vaughan

Psychedelics can help us feel connected to ourselves, others, nature, and the wider world. But if we don’t then use this gift to develop actions that transform the pervasive disconnectedness in our inner and outer worlds, are we part of the problem rather than the solution? How can we make sure we are not simply consuming something that makes us feel better temporarily, and instead become agents of change? Panelists will discuss how they turned insights into actions, and the many pitfalls and challenges inherent in ‘finding your purpose’ including how to avoid becoming a pompous bore, how to get comfortable with failure, sit with pain and remember to rest.