Annie Spencer

Annie Spencer, British Elder

Annie Spencer is a ceremonialist and workshop leader who has been running groups and trainings for nearly 40 years and with a background in humanistic psychology and earth-based spiritual traditions, she is skilled at moving between spiritual teachings and the disciplines of psychology. She was apprenticed in a North American tradition in the ‘80’s and has studied Mayan teachings from Guatemala for the past 15 years. Annie does not forget the traditions of her own land and hopes to enliven and strengthen them with the teachings she brings from other ancient ways.

Exploring eldership is Annie’s current journey as she believes that their wisdom is essential for a balanced society and yet they are seldom valued in our current culture. This is particularly true for women. As a ceremonialist, Annie opens pathways for others – illuminating their life’s journeys. Her primary interest is the renewal of ancient ceremonial forms for creating a path of beauty upon Grandmother Earth.

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