Anthar Kharana

Anthar Kharana, Colombian Traditions

Anthar Kharana Navarro native from Ocaña in the north of Colombia is an ethnic music composer, sound healer and ceremonial leader, guardian of medicines from the Muisca traditions of his land and guide of the tabaquero way. Anthar is also a Sundancer and a member of the Pachamama Native American Church. He started at an early age, guided by wise elders from his land and during the last 20 years of travel, Anthar have visited 16 countries, particularly active in the UK, leading workshops, conferences, retreats, ceremonies and concerts. Anthar is the director and founder of the Ancestral School in Colombia (Escuela Ancestral Colombia) and both Tribal Sound Healing and the Tambora Foundation in the UK and Colombia. He is also co-director of the first school of sound healing in Scotland ANSU School of Sound and the Ancestral Pathways School in England.

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Medicine Festival Offerings:

Music performance

Tobacco Ceremony

This tabaco ceremony is lead by Anthar Kharana Navarro (Colombia) who has over 25 years of experience with this plant. This sitting, is a way to honor the different aspects of the wheel of life through the plant kingdom. The wisdom of the Tabaco plant has been highly misunderstood due to the historical issues brought to Europe by the conquistadores 500 years ago. In the last few years, this plant has been returning to the far lands as part of the prophesies of the Americas, with the traditional uses, stories and songs to support the transition from addiction and sickness to healing and wellness. This process is created by re-ordering our relationship with the plant, which in this occasion the focus will be given to the Air and Water doors, helping us to clear the clouds that blocks our vision and dreams as well as unblocking emotional traumas from our veins.

Female Labyrinth

The Walkable Medicine Wheel to the Womb of the Mother. There are many sources related to the origins of Labyrinths in many cultures around the world. Different traditions of the Americas use the term Male and Female Labyrinth (Laberinto Macho y Hembra). Male Labyrinths are tall and they have different ways to get out, so you need to get lost to find the way out, whilst in the Female Labyrinth, there is only one path that leads you right into the centre, so you don’t get lost, you find yourself instead.

The traditional labyrinth of the 7 paths is a construction that comes from the medicine wheel, therefore we can say that it is a walkable medicine wheel, where we learn the way we pass through the different aspects of our life. Walking it is like a regression to our origins, helping us to acknowledge where we come from and where we are going to in our life.

Anthar Kharana Navarro from Colombia, has been planting and sharing this medicine in different territories for more than 10 years. He will share his vision of why and how planting this medicine in the 4 corners of Britain can help to unite the families of split territories.