Author: Zak Avery

Sri Bala Yoga

Sri Bala Yoga w/ Inoka An offering to all children to join in celebrating mother nature in union with the practice of presence through yoga and mindfulness, empowering each other from the very beginning of life itself. Pranayama and Nidra will be introduced to work closely with the breath to heal and calm our minds […]

Transform Story Magic

Transform Story Magic with Genie Writing is a magical act; our word is our wand! We all have many amazing stories within us and we can travel anywhere in our imaginations. But often we’re our own worst enemies and put blocks in the way of our creativity. Well, now it’s time to break through! Transform […]

Create Magical Goddess Crowns

Come and create a keepsake magical goddess crowns Come and create a beautiful keepsake magical goddess crown for your time at the festival. Made from flowers, dyed fabrics and beautiful found objects. Come with friends or family or by yourself to have some me time. Everyone is welcome the magic is here waiting for you. […]

Poo, goo and other clues

‘Poo, goo and other clues’ w/Charlotte Allchin This session gives an opportunity to explore different objects that give us clues about the hidden world around us. Find out how we can tell who is living in different wild and urban spaces by looking closer…and maybe sniffing too! Visit Charlotte’s Website Visit Charlotte’s Facebook

Fascinating Forest woodland willow workshop

The fascinating forest woodland willow workshops with Laura and Sam Inspired by nature our 100% sustainable children’s workshops take us deep into our roots and back to the woodland. Connect with the Medicine tribal vibe by coming together to weave ,craft ,create and sing .We will collaborate to create Wild head dresses, totemic masks ,natural […]

Discovery To Recovery. Journey Into Parenthood

Discovery To Recovery . Journey Into Parenthood . With Sarah & Georgie Discovery to Recovery Sarah and Georgie’s ‘Discovery to Recovery’ hour presents a journey into parenthood. From the moment of discovering you are ‘expecting’, through to the end of your 40 days postpartum recovery, you’ll learn insightful ways to care for and make preparations […]

WellMama Birth Circle

WellMama Birth Circle Join us… Gather together to share the wealth and wisdom woven within our stories of birth and beyond. Explore childbirth as a rite of passage, honour and nurture the path of parenting. Spinning wise webs of belonging.. holding love and loss, grief and praise, blessings and burdens…. Celebrating birth, life and death… […]

Menstrual Cycle Secrets

Menstrual Cycle Secrets Do you want to love your body and create a wildly ecstatic life? Living in flow with the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle builds everyday confidence and helps you remember your true nature as sovereign Queen of your own life. Join me to explore the gifts and meet the challenges of […]