Author: Zak Avery

Smudge Stick Foraging

Smudge Stick Foraging with Da Lua Herbals There is always plant medicine around us, waiting to be discovered, it is up to us to notice it. In this workshop, Irene Miranda will take you on a Herbal Journey through Medicine’s festival site. Open up your senses and dive into the infinite world of medicinal and […]

Journey of Nature-Connection & Meditation

A Journey of Nature-Connection & Meditation Deepen your relationship with Nature, with yourself and with yourself as a part of Nature through forest bathing, mindfulness, visualisation, and journalling. Attune to the natural world, learn from its ancient wisdom, and integrate its insights into your life so you may live in greater harmony with yourself and with […]

Sharpening Our Senses

Sharpening Our Senses by Regenerative Nomads How do we sharpen our senses and expand our awareness of the world we have around us? And, what does an experience entails? Could the experience of the revelation of hidden colours of plants generate a different relation to the world? Sharpening our senses is a workshop where we […]

Dancing to the New Dreaming

Dancing to the New Dreaming with Wiruungga Dunggiirr, First Nations Australian Elder, Garra rrana (Blue Dragonfly), Suriname – Netherlands & Moussa Dembele The dreamtime stories were gifted and passed on through telling the stories and dancing them, through traditional art and songs, and through the ceremonies and rituals passed on from generation to generation.  The […]

Yawanawa Hape Ceremony

Yawanawa Hape Ceremony with Peû, Nawashahu, Thawahw More details about this ceremony coming soon… About Peû, Nawashahu and Thawahw: Peû is one of the most devoted spiritual leaders from the younger generation of the Yawanawa people. He committed to the sacred Samakai (diet) the Yawanawa´s highest spiritual initiation, for five consecutive years. In this period […]

Song of the Spirits

Song of the Spirits with Garra rrana (Blue Dragonfly), Suriname – Netherlands, Wiruungga Dunggiirr, First Nations Australian Elder & Moussa Dembele Channeling prayer songs of my African Ancestor spirits to welcome and honour life and all existence, and receive teachings and messages on a soul level Starting the day with song to fully awaken, centre, […]

Tabaco Ceremony

Tabaco Ceremony with Anthar Kharana, Colombian Traditions This tabaco ceremony is lead by Anthar Kharana Navarro (Colombia) who has over 25 years of experience with this plant. This sitting, is a way to honor the different aspects of the wheel of life through the plant kingdom. The wisdom of the Tabaco plant has been highly […]

Mbira Taizé

Mbira Taizé with Millicent Chapanda   Join Millicent Chapanda in an incisive participatory and inclusive gathering mbira musings is a celebration of Shona culture that calls on the ancestral spirits rising through the trance of cascading sound of the mbira and the pull of the voice to the outer worlds.   About Millicent: Millicent Chapanda […]

Moussa Dembele

Moussa Dembele Moussa Dembele comes from a traditional Bwa Bwa Griot family of musicians and craftsmen from Burkina Faso and Mali who have been making and playing musical instruments for generations. He was trained by his father and various family members from a young age. He has gone on to become a professional musician and […]

Icaros & Plant Spirit Sound Ceremony

Icaros & Plant Spirit Sound Ceremony with Don William Llerena Murayari, Cocama – Peru   More details about this ceremony coming soon… About William: William Llerena Murayari is a Peruvian Curandero of the Cocama lineage. He grew up learning first hand of the medicinal plants of the jungle through his father and grandfather, who were […]