Baka Music & the Technology of Enchantment

Baka Music & the Technology of Enchantment

a talk by Martin Cradick

As well as being famous for their mesmeric women’s yodel-like singing, the Baka people are also renowned for their “Spirit Dances”. They call this .

With their combination of polyphonic singing, polyrhythmic percussion and masked dancers, the Baka are experts at manifesting .

By being present at these “spirit dances” from before they are born, aware of sounds and movements while still in their mother’s womb, Baka children grow up learning the purpose of “musicking” is not about performing songs, but about manifesting for the good of all.

Martin Cradick uses his 30 years of experience working with Baka musicians and 40 years of performing live to reflect on Baka music, the nature of , and the technology of enchantment.