Soul Pride 12 Chakra Trail

Soul Pride Circle – Balancing our 12 Chakras & the 12 Colours of the Pride Flag with Chris Fitchew and Dirish Shaktidas

Sat 20th – 11am-12.30pm

Balancing and powerizing our 12 chakras as they correlate to the 12 colours of the Pride flag. Chris & Dirish will take you on a journey to balance all 12 chakras, alongside the Pride Flag, and all the emotional, metaphysical and spiritual connections they represent. A discordant chakra system can be caused over our formative years of displacement and non acceptance by others, but most of all ourselves. Looking on earth, within a wider community, it’s time we step into our power. Taking inspiration from the indigenous tribes around the world who not only have no discrimination towards our kind, but celebrate and elevate them, seeing them as tribe gatekeepers that keep harmony within the community with wisdom and transcendence between the divine masculine and feminine. It’s time to tune into this wisdom so we can do the work within to support the tribe wholly and compassionately with unconditional love. 

Workshop, talk, open discussion and check in hosted by Soul Pride – the retreat festival that welcomes folks from the LGBTQIA community alongside allies.