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This is year at Medicine Festival we are delighted to be offering a selection of special workshops and experiences. These are paid events as the ticket money is used directly to cover the costs of the experience and in some cases to raise funds for our Wisdom Carriers and their communities.

Noke Koî Body Painting – Kene Workshop

£35, Sunday 18th August, 11:00am – 1:30 pm

The Kene (painting) is a symbolic representation that provides physical and spiritual protection so that bad spirits do not affect us. Each painting represents something sacred. The Noke Koi people also have a deep knowledge of snakes. Each painting they make represents a sacred snake, an animal of power, and brings us healing and spiritual connection with these sacred beings as well as protection. They also represent the beauty of men and women.

During the workshop, the Noke Koî will share in greater depth the meaning of certain paintings, the history of the kene, and teach participants how to draw some of them as well as receive the paintings on us.

This workshop is being offered as fundraiser for the Noke Koî who are joining us at Medicine festival for the first time. All money raised through tickets sales will go directly to their community.

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Aztec Ceremonial Gourd Rattle Making

with Guillermo Martinez        £60, Saturday 17th August, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Guillermo Martinez is a native Tarascan, a tribe from the highlands of Michoacan, Mexico. He became a traditional dancer, which led him to create his own musical instruments. He was apprenticed to Klinquit instrument makers in Alaska and later learnt to make ocean drums with his mentor Xavier Quijas Xyayotl.

His flutes, drums and rattles, whether used by professional musicians or in ceremony, possess the spirit of his heart. For the past twelve years Guillermo has been handing down his knowledge through his workshops which have received international acclaim. The popularity of his workshops is due to his sensitivity to his students and his wealth of experience. Guillermo brings his ancestral wisdom and feeling of ceremony to every workshop.

All participants will be crafting a traditional gourd rattle. Sourced from an organic farm in California, these plants have been used for thousands of years to create these most sacred of medicine tools.

All money raised through ticket sales will go to Guillermo to cover the costs of the gourds and to support his visit to Europe.

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Cacao Ceremony – Anchoring the Sacred

with Kristina Evans        £11, Friday 16th August, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Join us for a deep journey with the sacred medicine of Cacao, a special ceremony to honour all that we are inviting to emerge and transform in our hearts through the festival.

We will be offering other cacao blessings on site for free, but we wanted to give people an opportunity to go deeper with the medicine in a longer and more intimate ceremony.

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Chalice in Wonderland – The Immersive Theatrical, Curiously Magical Tea Ceremony

£15 (Adults) and £10 (Children) Saturday 17th August, three performance times

15:00 – 16:00 (Adults & Children)                     13:00 – 14:00 & 17:00 – 18:00 (Adults Only)

Chalice in Wonderland is a Wonderment Experience brought to the Medicine Festival. Last year it was a highlight from the guests who found their way to join us, as the wonder and magic paired with deep healing and transformational ceremony was a pinnacle moment in everyone’s life.

Prepare to be taken on a journey through the woods led by the Mad Hatter and White Rabbit and meander up through the rabbit hole and meet all the characters of Wasing Wonderland as you go. Then arrive at our long dining banquet table hidden in a sunlight forest glade; laden with cakes, delicacies, cups, teapots and dry tea variations ready to create your own alchemical tea blend with the guidance of our Tea Alchemist.

You can expect a sacred and shamanic tea ceremony to commence which aims to celebrate all our precious mind-idiosyncrasies and neurodiversity. Honouring our ADHDs and depressions, our anxieties and overindulgences, OCD and Mania; our knowledgeable chef will guide you through herbs and elixirs which are known to provide the benefits for whatever unique superpower we celebrate. You will be invited to create your own concoction in the tea pots at the centre of the table and enjoy the sweet treats as we come to accept all of ourselves and dance together with the characters of wonderland.

The immersive one-hour experience includes performances, teas, sweet treats.

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