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Bouabti Fahkara and The Earth Center Initiates, Kemetic Traditions of the Dogon

The Earth Center is a not for profit international cultural and spiritual organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting humanity’s Ancestral culture in order to sustain the health and well-being of all people. The Earth Center is coming from the perspective of African Civilisations as the African Continent is the cradle of all civilisations. We believe that by returning humanity to the principles of nature, we will bring unity among all people. It is time we look for the unity of all humankind!

The Earth Center is Preserving and Promoting Kemetic Culture. The Dogon tribes and bloodlines migrated from the Nile Valley Civilisation (Ancient Egypt) at the time of the invasions approximately 2,500 years ago. They migrated to sub-Saharan West Africa to preserve that knowledge as a living culture which continues today. Prophet Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, founder of The Earth Center achieved the highest rank of priesthood and he was given the authority and permission from the Dogon royalty and to establish The Earth Center to initiate people outside of Africa.

Offerings at Medicine Festival:

Ceremony: Dogon Honouring the Divine and the Ancestors

A Dogon Elder will share sacred Dogon and Kemetic ancestral wisdom and practices that have been preserved from the time of the Nile Valley Civilisation. Prayers, blessings and offerings to the Ancestors and the Divine will be made during the gathering to acknowledge and honour them in ways that have been handed down by the Dogon elders that remain central to this spiritual way of life.

Kemetic Purification Workshop
We will share Kemetic sacred knowledge of maintaining the relationship between a human being and the Divine and your Ancestors. We will then all purify in the way the priesthoods have since the Pharaonic era using water and prayer, whilst speaking humanity’s oldest documented language Medu (Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs).

Talk on Harmonising with the Cosmic Dialogue of Energies

We teach that there is a universal dialogue of energies called the Bayuali and Yenu. It is a celestial dialogue in which the energies of planets, suns, and other heavenly bodies radiate out into the universe and interact with each other. The dialogue is central to life because it is this dialogue that determines the quality of existence for everything on the surface of the planet.

Stall with books and materials on Dogon and Kemetic traditions

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