Sharpening Our Senses

Sharpening Our Senses by Regenerative Nomads How do we sharpen our senses and expand our awareness of the world we have around us? And, what does an experience entails? Could the experience of the revelation of hidden colours of plants generate a different relation to the world? Sharpening our senses is a workshop where we […]

Song of the Spirits

Song of the Spirits with Garra rrana (Blue Dragonfly), Suriname – Netherlands, Wiruungga Dunggiirr, First Nations Australian Elder & Moussa Dembele Channeling prayer songs of my African Ancestor spirits to welcome and honour life and all existence, and receive teachings and messages on a soul level Starting the day with song to fully awaken, centre, […]

Tabaco Ceremony

Tabaco Ceremony with Anthar Kharana, Colombian Traditions This tabaco ceremony is lead by Anthar Kharana Navarro (Colombia) who has over 25 years of experience with this plant. This sitting, is a way to honor the different aspects of the wheel of life through the plant kingdom. The wisdom of the Tabaco plant has been highly […]

Icaros & Plant Spirit Sound Ceremony

Icaros & Plant Spirit Sound Ceremony with Don William Llerena Murayari, Cocama – Peru   More details about this ceremony coming soon… About William: William Llerena Murayari is a Peruvian Curandero of the Cocama lineage. He grew up learning first hand of the medicinal plants of the jungle through his father and grandfather, who were […]

House of Deer

House of Deer with Dorrie Joy, Wisdom Keeper of Red Road and Celtic Traditions The House of Deer is an Earth Altar, a sacred space, an art installation of wild and wonder, a forest temple and a place of moonwaters, held by Dorrie Joy. All are welcome. Traditional unique and wild handcrafted shamanic craft, totems, […]

Water / Fire Ritual

Water / Fire Ritual with Wiruungga Dunggiirr, First Nations Australian Elder & Garra rrana (Blue Dragonfly), Suriname – Netherlands. Balancing the masculine and feminine FIRE A smoking Ceremony is a very ancient ritual by the first nation people/Aboriginals that usually takes place at the beginning of every ceremony. It accompanies a welcome to the land […]

Danza de Venado (Deer Dance)

Danza de Venado (Deer Dance) with Yurata Yurakame, Intertribal group from Mexico The deer is a symbolic animal for the indigenous cultures of Northwest Mexico, associated with the origin of life. The “Dance of the Deer” is one of the most vigorous and dramatic in the entire country, and denotes singular realism by imitating the […]

Female Labyrinth

Female Labyrinth with Anthar Kharana, Colombian Traditions The Walkable Medicine Wheel to the Womb of the Mother. There are many sources related to the origins of Labyrinths in many cultures around the world. Different traditions of the Americas use the term Male and Female Labyrinth (Laberinto Macho y Hembra). Male Labyrinths are tall and they […]

Dogon Honouring the Divine and the Ancestors

Dogon Honouring the Divine and the Ancestors with Bouabti Fahkara and The Earth Center Initiates, Kemetic Traditions of the Dogon Ceremony: Dogon Honouring the Divine and the Ancestors A Dogon Elder will share sacred Dogon and Kemetic ancestral wisdom and practices that have been preserved from the time of the Nile Valley Civilisation. Prayers, blessings […]