Charlotte Mabon

Charlotte’s musical journey began when she travelled to India in her late teens. Meeting new friends from different cultures, she was introduced to music as a way of coming together in community. She went on to live for 2 years in a rainbow community in Spain where singing bhajans and simple earth songs was a daily practice but it wasn’t until she found the Santo Daime, a form of Brazilian shamanism, that music became her healing path.

In 2008 she received her first song ‘This Precious Star’, after hearing news of the tragic death of a beloved friend. Very shortly afterwards, she sailed to South America in a four-person sailing boat and it was under these starry skies that her poetry and songwriting opened and took shape. Her first book of 11 songs, “Song of the Earth” is now much loved and shared in community and ceremony.

In 2010, after a season of singing with the Anjali Orchestra, an experimental performance group lead by Adrian Freedman, she returned to India to study Indian classical music. It was a profound time of self-enquiry and rebirth through the voice and when she came back to the UK in 2011 it was to begin a new life in West Wales, and to become a mother. Singing, songwriting and musical collaboration kept her connected to her deeper self and dream to record her own songs throughout the full emersion of mothering 2 young children. “My music has been the lifeboat that I have continually surfaced to meet throughout the deep dive of motherhood” she says.

She is now living back in Devon and is in the process of releasing her debut EP ‘Of Grief and Gratitude”, co-produced with award winning bass player Misha Mullov-Abbado. Her official music video for her first single release, ‘Across the Veil’, reached 25k views on facebook and YouTube. The EP is an intimate, heartfelt musical journey through grief, confusion, hope and the joy of coming home to who we truly are.

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