Christiana Aro Harle

Christiana Aro Harle, Tuvan – Finnish – Nordic traditions

Christiana Aro-Harle is a northern wise woman, and shamanic healer (tietäjä, Xam). She threads together what she has gathered/lived/learned over many decades of shamanic healing, working with the humans and non-humans-Nature, and ceremonies. Christiana folds together her Finnish-Tuvan-north American medicine ways with passion to support and guide folk to find their path, heal, remember and re-connect with Mother Earth and all Beings. She mentors folk who are working in shamanic healing. Fire, Water, Land, Song flow through her Tuvan shamanic initiation with ever-deepening flights with the Spirit of Song and Drum. Her staff with the spirits and song of seiđr are intrinsic to her work. Christiana holds Ceremonial rites-of-passage for folk: birth, death, name-givings, hand-fasting weddings, and youth to adulthood: for all genders. For twenty-odd years she has led Shamanic drum creating and birthing. Currently she is involved in a long vine of ceremonial rites-of-passage for young women in its fifth year in Wales. Christiana is an avid gatherer of herbs and plants in the wilds for teas and salves, loves learning and working with permaculture and forest farming and has almost a fanaticism for edible mushrooms and berries which grow right outside her door. She holds degrees in Music Therapy, Conscious Breathwork, Beekeeping and Women’s Consciousness, and even a degree in Cider-Wine making.

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