Christiana Aro Harle

Christiana Aro Harle, Tuvan – Finnish – Nordic traditions

Christiana Aro Harle, a shamanic healer, holds degrees in Music Therapy, Inspriaktiva Breathwork Therapy, and Women’s Consciousness education. Beekeeping is a constant companion into the micro-macrocosmos. Christiana works in the field of shamanic healing for over thirty years as well as a shamanic drumbirther. Her path is woven with Land and Song, through Tuvan shamanic initiation in Tuva with deepening paths into Spirit of Song via Nordic/Finnish/Tuvan traditions: keener, healer, birther, journeyer, seer. Christiana is passionate about supporting and guiding people to find and remember their path, heal, and re-connect with Mother Earth and all Beings. Christiana lives in southeast Finland with her partner Topias on a small plot of forested land with very old pine trees in the Kymi River Valley writing, dreaming, planting, foraging, and protecting Mother Earth.

Offerings at Medicine Festival:

Staff, Song, and the Land: Seidr-inspired practise

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