Embodying the Rewilding Story

Embodying the Rewilding Story

with Emily Swaddle

Our landscape hasn’t always looked the way it does now: thousands of years ago, various species of megafauna shaped the very land we now live on. This playful workshop invites you to embody those creatures as we explore the ways they lived with the land and how we might imitate their natural habits and movements in efforts to rewild the land.

About Emily Swaddle (She/Her)

Linguist, feminist, environmentalist with a talent for bringing people together and facilitating meaningful conversations. I am fascinated by and driven by change: whether it’s on the global scale of social and environmental justice or on the personal level of career development and self-growth, I have always felt a drive to support people and causes for positive change. Always eager to learn and share, I get energy from connecting with people, storytelling and finding creative solutions to complex problems. At the core of all my work are the beliefs that everyone and everything has intrinsic value and collaboration is more valuable than competition. This allows me to lead in a way that empowers others to grow, learn and share.

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