General Info

  • Where is Medicine Festival?
Medicine is hosted amongst beautiful parkland and ancient woodland in a stunning country estate in Berkshire, England, close to London and Heathrow airport.
  • When is Medicine Festival?
Medicine will be open to the public between Wednesday the 14th and Monday 19th August 2024.
  • What are the opening and closing times for the Box Office?
Wednesday 14th August: TBDThursday 15th August: 9am - 10pmFriday 16th August: 9am - 10pmSaturday 17th August: 10am - 10pmSunday 18th August: 10am - 2pm
  • Do you offer help with getting to the campsite from the car parks?
There will be a buggy running to help you transport your items from the car park to the main campsites. These will be running 9am - 7pm each day from Thursday to Sunday.On Monday the shuttle will run from 9am-2pm to help you get your items back to the car park (note the site closes at 2pm on Monday 19th)
  • Is Medicine family friendly?
Absolutely – kids are very welcome and we have a wonderful family area with a fully curated programme.
  • Are dogs or animals allowed?
Pet dogs and other animals are not allowed on site. However service dogs are allowed. If you wish to bring your service dog this must be organised in advance. Please contact us if you wish to bring a service dog.
  • Is there phone charging on site?
Yes - we have a charging station that is not manned (any items left are at your own risk) at the Orientation Station.

Food & Drink

  • Is the festival vegan /vegetarian-friendly?
Medicine is a vegetarian event so there will be a wide range of nutritious vegan and vegetarian food available from our Street Food Market and our in-house cafés for adults and kids.
  • Can I bring my own food and drink?
There will be many delicious food options on site. However, you are welcome to bring your own food and drink in moderation. As we do not serve alcohol we rely on other F&B sales so please keep this in mind and support us!
  • Will you sell alcohol? 
We do not wish to profit from the commercial sale of alcohol and we believe the container is much more potent when people are not drinking alcohol, so we will not be selling any alcohol at the event. We have an amazing botanical cocktail and elixir bar on site, and other great drink options.
  • Are plastic water bottles allowed?
We have banned single use plastics on site. Please bring your own refillable water bottle or buy one on site. There will be water stations on site.
  • I have a nut / dairy allergy – what should I do?
Inform any food or drink vendor of your allergy and they can advise you of what you can eat or drink.


  • How much does a ticket cost?
Tickets will go on sale on September 14th, at a Super Early Bird price of £195+booking fee.Kids and vehicle tickets are still available on our tickets page 
  • Do you offer low income tickets? 
Yes! Applications are open here until April 6th.
  • I have an enquiry about tickets – who do I contact?
Please contact our ticket agency Ticket Pass. There is a support form on their website, or you can email support@ticketpass.org directly.
  • I have a ticket for 2024 but can’t come – can I get a refund?
You can request a refund via your login directly with our ticket company Ticket Pass. We cannot process refunds on your behalf.
  • If I leave the site can I re-enter?
Yes as long as you have your wristband.
  • Can I change the name on my ticket?
Yes – sign into your Ticket Pass account to do this.
  • Are there any age restrictions?
There are no restrictions on age. Medicine is a family orientated festival for every age group.
  • I’ve lost my wristband – what can I do?
Unfortunately, wristbands cannot be replaced under any circumstances.
  • Can I come for the day? 
You can come for as much or as little time as you like. We no longer offer day tickets. 
  • I have a disability or a medical condition – do you offer free tickets for carers?
Yes we offer free tickets for carers for people with a proven disability or medical condition. You must buy a full weekend ticket to be eligible. These will open in January 2024.The deadline for carer ticket applications is July 5th - we cannot accept any requests after this date.


  • Are there toilets?
Yes we have compost toilets on the festival site.
  • Are there showers on site?
Yes there are showers in the campsites.
  • Are there cashpoints on site?
There are no cashpoints on site, but most points of sale will take cards.
  • Can I bring my live-in vehicle?
Yes we have space for camper vans etc, but you need to buy a separate vehicle ticket.


  • Where is Medicine Festival?
Medicine is hosted in Berkshire, 45 minutes from London and 25 minutes from Reading. The nearest train stations are Midgham, Aldermaston and Thatcham.
  • How do I get to the festival?
Please follow the postcode RG7 4LY to get to site, or better to use the WhatThreeWords, which is bonfires horseshoe valley
  • Do you offer public coaches or shuttles?
Yes! We have teamed up with Tuned in Travel to offer coaches from and back to London and Bristol. There will also be shuttles from Reading station and Aldermaston stations.
  • I have a query about my coach or shuttle travel - who should I contact?
Please email customerservices@tunedintravel.com or the best contact number for them is 0333 111 3112.
  • Is there parking at the venue?
Yes we have plenty of parking, although we encourage car sharing wherever possible. To park your car costs £20 per car.
  • Can I bring my live-in vehicle?
Yes - you need to buy a separate ticket which is £75
  • Can I sleep in my car?
You cannot sleep in your car unless you have a live-in vehicle pass. 


  • Where can I stay?
You can bring your own tent, stay in your live-in vehicle, stay in boutique camping or in the luxury rooms on site.
  • Is there camping on site?
Yes we have a beautiful campsite.
  • Do you have boutique camping?
Yes – please click here.

Nudity Policy

At Medicine we aim to create a culture of freedom, and to hold space for both radical expression and personal comfort. This means that we do allow and encourage nudity at the gathering, within what we consider to be fair guidelines. If this is something you feel is challenging then do consider whether coming is the right move for you.Our Spaceholding team, who can be identified by their green sashes, will be present to speak to if you have any issues with nudity. If you feel that someone's nudity is inappropriate, for example a display of unwanted sexual behaviour, please let a Spaceholder or Area Manager know so they can address it.For those of you who choose to go without clothes, please always do so with consideration and awareness of the context and people around you. Refer to the guidelines below if you are unsure of what's ok.We have boundaries in place around nudity - please read below:
  • We reserve the right to request anyone to either leave a space or put clothes on, should we consider the nudity in that case inappropriate or offensive.
  • Adult nudity is completely prohibited in the Family Area.
  • Workshop facilitators or Area Guardians will let people know if nudity is welcome during their sessions. If the request is not followed the person will be asked to leave.
  • Offensive or overtly sexual behaviour is not tolerated in any circumstances.