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From the woods to cityscapes


We’re honoured to bring the Medicine Festival experience to city gatherings near you. Our Voices of Medicine gatherings offer music, ceremony, and healing practices fully curated by the Medicine Festival team.

The events will be in intimate venues and serve our community to meet in collective prayer, ceremony, and practice – bringing the energy of Medicine Festival to more places and more often.

All Voices of Medicine events will serve as fundraisers, with proceeds going to the charitable projects Medicine Events CIC supports. Let’s continue to turn the wheel of giving together, in gratitude for the abundance we are blessed with.

We want all all our events to be accessible for our community. Tickets include early-birds, reduced under 17s tickets, and events are free for under 5s. Our events are alcohol-free containers. And in keeping with our mission to protect and serve the planet, we encourage you to use public transport and emission-free travel options.


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Voices of Medicine


We invite you to revel in a one-of-a-kind collaboration between Mose, Nessi Gomes, and Susie Ro this May. Experience a fusion of concert and Cacao Dance, paying homage to this sacred moment of renewal and growth.

Welcome to the transformative realm of Cacao Dance. As you step onto the dance floor, embrace the intentional container that encourages silence, creating a sacred space for a deep and immersive journey. The ceremony preceding the dance is led by the beautiful Bruna Bortolato alongside Mose, invoking intention, gratitude, and prayer. This ceremonial prelude lays the groundwork for a profound and spiritually charged dance experience.

7pm, May 16th 2024, London


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