Fly Pitch Trading


We appreciate and honour the beauty, personality and value, that fly pitching brings. To ensure a safe and comfortable space for everyone to flourish, we have developed a structure to allow a streamlined format.

Given our position as a non-profit organisation, we feel it only fair that those looking to financially benefit from their attendance, contribute a fly pitch fee for each day they’re looking to trade.

This contribution will get you a fly pitch pass which will need to be displayed on your stall for each day. These are available to purchase at the gate for the sum of £75.

Those fly pitching without a pass will be politely asked to pack up or purchase a pass to continue their craft.

We’re thrilled to welcome you to the trees once more for another beautiful weekend and we appreciate your understanding and support in keeping things fair for all involved.

If you are looking to purchase fly pitching passes pre-event, please purchase here.