Food & Drink

  • Is the festival vegan /vegetarian-friendly?

Medicine is a vegetarian event so there will be a wide range of nutritious vegan and vegetarian food available from our Street Food Market and our in-house cafés for adults and kids.

  • Can I bring my own food and drink?

There will be many delicious food options on site. However, you are welcome to bring your own food and drink in moderation. As we do not serve alcohol we rely on other F&B sales so please keep this in mind and support us!

  • Will you sell alcohol? 

We do not wish to profit from the commercial sale of alcohol and we believe the container is much more potent when people are not drinking alcohol, so we will not be selling any alcohol at the event. We have an amazing botanical cocktail and elixir bar on site, and other great drink options.

  • Are plastic water bottles allowed?

We have banned single use plastics on site. Please bring your own refillable water bottle or buy one on site. There will be water stations on site.

  • I have a nut / dairy allergy – what should I do?

Inform any food or drink vendor of your allergy and they can advise you of what you can eat or drink.