General Info

  • Where is Medicine Festival?

Medicine is hosted amongst beautiful parkland and ancient woodland in a stunning country estate in Berkshire, England, close to London and Heathrow airport.

  • When is Medicine Festival?

Medicine will be open to the public between Wednesday the 14th and Monday 19th August 2024.

Only those that have purchased a £25 ‘Early Entry’ Ticket can arrive Wednesday. Everyone else can arrive from Thursday 15th at 9AM.

  • What are the opening and closing times for the Box Office?
  • Wednesday 14th August: 1pm – 1opm (Only those that have purchased a £25 early entry ticket)
  • Thursday 15th August: 9am – 10pm (All arrivals including Live in Vehicles)
  • Friday 16th August: 9am – 10pm
  • Saturday 17th August: 10am – 10pm
  • Sunday 18th August: 10am – 2pm
  • Whats happening on Weds 14th?

Medicine will be opening on Wednesday 14th August at 1pm for early entry pass holders only. In previous years we have allowed early entry for all live-in pass holders on Wednesday, however now live-in pass holders will also need an early entry pass (one per person) on this day.

Only the campgrounds and car parks will be open on the 14th. The main festival grounds will open at 10am on Thursday 15th. On Wednesday the café in our new Boutique area will be open for snacks and drinks from 2pm and will be serving hot food as well from 6pm. Showers will be in operation from Thursday 15th at 8am, and toilets will of course be open all day.

There will be a small gathering that evening in the Boutique area, but there will be no programming of any content on Wednesday 14th

  • When are opening and closing ceremonies?
  • Opening ceremony is at 4pm on Thursday 15th
  • Closing ceremony is at 11am on Monday 19th
  • Do you offer help with getting to the campsite from the car parks?

There will be a buggy running to help you transport your items from the car park to the main campsites. These will be running 9am – 7pm each day from Thursday to Sunday.

On Monday the shuttle will run from 9am-2pm to help you get your items back to the car park (note the site closes at 2pm on Monday 19th)

  • Is Medicine family friendly?

Absolutely – kids are very welcome and we have a wonderful family area with a fully curated programme.

  • Are dogs or animals allowed?

Pet dogs and other animals are not allowed on site. However service dogs are allowed. If you wish to bring your service dog this must be organised in advance. Please contact us if you wish to bring a service dog.

  • Is there phone charging on site?

Yes – we have a charging station that is not manned (any items left are at your own risk) at the Orientation Station.