Nudity Policy

At Medicine we aim to create a culture of freedom, and to hold space for both radical expression and personal comfort. This means that we do allow and encourage nudity at the gathering, within what we consider to be fair guidelines. If this is something you feel is challenging then do consider whether coming is the right move for you.

Our Spaceholding team, who can be identified by their green sashes, will be present to speak to if you have any issues with nudity. If you feel that someone’s nudity is inappropriate, for example a display of unwanted sexual behaviour, please let a Spaceholder or Area Manager know so they can address it.

For those of you who choose to go without clothes, please always do so with consideration and awareness of the context and people around you. Refer to the guidelines below if you are unsure of what’s ok.

We have boundaries in place around nudity – please read below:

  • We reserve the right to request anyone to either leave a space or put clothes on, should we consider the nudity in that case inappropriate or offensive.
  • Adult nudity is completely prohibited in the Family Area.
  • Workshop facilitators or Area Guardians will let people know if nudity is welcome during their sessions. If the request is not followed the person will be asked to leave.
  • Offensive or overtly sexual behaviour is not tolerated in any circumstances.