• How much does a ticket cost?

General release tickets are currently on sale for £200 + booking fee.

Kids and vehicle tickets are also available on our tickets page 

  • Do you offer low income tickets? 

Yes! Applications will open in January.

  • I have an enquiry about tickets – who do I contact?

Please contact our ticket agency Ticket Pass.

  • I have a ticket for 2023 but can’t come – can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds unless we cancel the event. You can change the name on your ticket and sell it on (see below on how to do this).

  • If I leave the site can I re-enter?

Yes as long as you have your wristband.

  • Can I change the name on my ticket?

Yes – sign into your Ticket Pass account to do this.

  • Are there any age restrictions?

There are no restrictions on age. Medicine is a family orientated festival for every age group.

  • I’ve lost my wristband – what can I do?

Unfortunately, wristbands cannot be replaced under any circumstances.

  • Can I come for the day? 

You can come for as much or as little time as you like. Day tickets are available for Sunday only here. 

  • I have a disability or a medical condition – do you offer free tickets for carers?

Yes we offer free tickets for carers for people with a proven disability or medical condition. You must buy a full weekend ticket to be eligible. Please email if you would like to apply for a free carer ticket.

The deadline for carer ticket applications is August 1st – we cannot accept any requests after this date.