Folklore & Forage Banquet

Join us for a magical banqueting event celebrating foraging, wild food and folklore at Medicine Festival this summer with foraged by fern!

Walk barefoot with Fern through the woodland and over field to discover an array of herbs, wildflowers and summer mushrooms.

As we meet these plant allies you will learn how to safely identify, sustainably harvest, process and enjoy them.

You’ll be surprised at how many of the ‘weeds’ at your feet are delicious ingredients, healing plant medicines and ancient craft materials.

We’ll also explore the folk stories and legends that have been told about the plants we meet,. while we gather as a community, allowing ourselves to enjoy the most ancient and intrinsic joy of foraging.

After our forage, we’ll sit down to a wild banquet hosted by Fern, and experience the flavours of the plants we’ve harvested together. Our three-course meal will include many of the plants we meet on our walk, crooked with love to bring out their best.

Join us on Sunday 21st August at Medicine Festival – there will be two sittings, 12pm & 3.30pm

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