Medicine Food and Drink 


We have our own incredibly talented in-house Food & Beverage team at Medicine, who run the Medicine Café, the Pizza Spot ‘Andreas’, Focaccia Bar, Karmaceuticals Bars, and the Ka’Kau bars. 

At Medicine, we believe that food is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and we are committed to a food offering that supports both individual and community health. Our food philosophy centres around the idea that food is medicine, and we believe that the quality of the food we eat has a direct impact on our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

We are proud to support regenerative food production practices that prioritise sustainable and ethical food production methods, such as organic and biodynamic farming, and regenerative agriculture. By prioritising these methods, we not only ensure that our food is nutritious and healthy, but we also support the health of our planet and the communities that produce our food.

All of our food is vegan, which reflects our commitment to promoting a plant-based diet for both personal and planetary health. Our chefs are skilled at creating delicious and nourishing meals that are both satisfying and good for you, using fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. 

We also believe that food is a powerful tool for bringing people together in community and celebration, which is why we celebrate the power of food to connect people, nourish our bodies, and heal our planet. Join us at Medicine, where we celebrate the healing power of food and the positive impact it can have on both our personal health and the health of our planet.


Food Vision


The food vision is conceptualised by Chippy of Trewhitts Food, with guidance from the hard working Medicine production team of Jenna, Zak, Bogdan, Meg and Natalie. There is a massive emphasis on vegan, local, organic foods, with a holistic approach towards health – using aspects of fermented foods, sprouting and herbalism to create well balanced nutritional food offerings. This year we will be using mushrooms and vegetables from local producers such as “Bristol Fungarium” and “Crops not Shops”.


Medicine Café


The Medicine Cafe is a sanctuary for those seeking nourishment and healing through food. Led by Nutritionist Alev and Chef Louis, we are proud to offer an array of nourishing and sustainable meals made with locally sourced, organic ingredients.

Louis, our Head Chef, who has been a fixture in the Bristol & Somerset food scene for a number of years and previously ran the kitchen at ‘The Old Market Assembly’, creates Middle Eastern and Mediterranean inspired cuisine, bursting with fresh and vibrant flavours that will leave you feeling energised and satisfied. His years of experience working at a number of restaurants has allowed him to perfect his craft, while his lifetime of travel has provided the inspiration for a unique and creative approach to food.


The commitment to wellness extends beyond just food; we also offer a range of healing herbal brews and drinks curated by Alev who has been with us from the start. She has extensive knowledge in herbalism and nutrition, has catered at retreats and has a passion for nourishment and wellbeing. Her creations are designed to complement our menu and enhance your overall sense of vitality


This year the “Medicine Café” has a big  focus around “The Gut”. Recognising the significance of living in harmony with beneficial microorganisms. We have evolved with fungi and bacteria, and we want them to thrive, so we can thrive. Prepare to indulge in healing foods abundant in pre and probiotics.. A happy gut makes a happy human. 


At the Medicine Café, we serve breakfast from 8am and offer delicious, healthy options throughout the day until 11pm. Our menu features a variety of vegan options, all made with locally sourced, organic ingredients that are sure to nourish your body and soul.

We believe that food is medicine, and we take that belief to heart at the Medicine Café. Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, a light lunch, or a satisfying dinner, we have something for everyone. 


Andrea’s (Pizza Place)


Andrea’s Pizza is made with Organic Ingredients, by an authentic Italian person who lives and breathes Italian food. He also lives on an off the grid permaculture project so nature and food is very much in his heart.


Focaccia Bar


Open until just after lunch-time for your quick grab and grow option, try our homemade Focaccia using organic flours, foraged ingredients with our “ Wild Garlic Pesto” with a selection of dips and sauces for your own desire. Quick, Easy and Tasty!


Ka’Kau Bar


The Ka’Kau Bar is run by our new Refreshments Lead and female powerhouse, Meg! More than a beverage guru, Meg specialises as an Ayurvedic practitioner and private chef, weaving ancient herbal wisdom, foraged finds, and seasonal ingredients into her creative concoctions. Her passion for wild plants, honed by years learning from global communities, fosters a deep respect for nature’s bounty. Expect to be educated, inspired, and deliciously surprised by Meg’s wild libation adventures.

We hold a deep respect for the Maleku people of Costa Rica, who have revered cacao for centuries. Their ceremonies used cacao as a bridge to connect with their gods. Living in harmony with the forest, the Maleku people offer a powerful example of sustainable practices. We are proud to be connected with those who have built long-lasting relationships with the Maleku, investing in their produce and honouring their traditions in the way we craft our cacao drinks at Medicine.

As an ode to the plants of more local lands we will be offering a seasonal, UK-grown chia. This innovative recipe is a delightful reminder of flavour found in British flora and fauna. 

The Ka’Kau Bar will also be offering herbal elixir infusions to our comforting beverages that will elevate your experience. Meticulously blended with medicinal mushrooms and immune-boo sting formulations to ensure you are able to enjoy the festival to its fullest.


Karmaceutical’s Bar at Medicine Festival


Experience the fusion of botanical science and social innovation at the Karmaceuticals Bar, where we specialise in functional botanical extracts. As the exclusive providers of alcohol-free bars at Medicine Festival, we are proud to present our expertly crafted herbal elixirs. Developed by medical herbalists, these elixirs are not only enjoyable to consume but also promote sustainable wellness and social engagement. They are designed to effortlessly mediate social interactions and offer long-term health benefits.

Our menu features four elixirs with different flavours which elicit different feelings, all showcased within our unique drinks menu, making our botanical extracts the highlight of our sophisticated cocktail offerings. Beyond our innovative elixirs, the Karmaceuticals Bar also serves a handpicked selection of esteemed alcohol-free wines and beers, ensuring a diverse range of choices for every palate.

This year, we’re thrilled to unveil a cutting-edge molecular mixology addition to our bar: through a process called reverse spherification. This technique transforms our botanical elixirs into a captivating culinary art form, offering a sensory experience that combines immediate enjoyment with functional benefits.

Join us at the Karmaceuticals Bar for a truly unique celebration of mindful indulgence, where each drink is crafted to inspire connection and enjoyment. If you’d like to enjoy our offerings outside of Medicine Festival, make sure to swing by our bottle shop located with the other traders at the festival.

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