Healing our blocks to intimacy

Healing our blocks to intimacy: inner liberation for outer transformation

with Boniface Verny Carron, Aisha Paris Smith (chair), Ruby May, Giap Tongsayor and Jamie Catto

Are our bodies the physical manifestation of our subconscious minds? That would mean that what we crave, what we feel and where we seem to be physically, mentally or emotionally blocked are all communications of what’s occurring for us in the depths of our hidden shadow and desires. Authentic relating requires us to be connected to our bodies, but how do we really uncover what’s going on beneath our the surface?

If we learn to listen and translate the communications of the body we can quickly free our inner truths and let them guide us into both self- and relational intimacy. Come and listen to an eclectic group of body-based experts delve deeper into this topic and discover for yourself how body-led transformation is available to you.