Himalayan Healthcare for 5000: Save Lives in Nepal

Himalayan Healthcare for 5000: Save Lives in Nepal

Provide essential healthcare services to a remote Himalayan community. There is no other health provision in a 60km radius for a population of over 5000: PHASE health workers are saving lives in Nepal. At the moment of the current crisis of COVID-19, the project team will provide essential emergency services. In addition, the project team will work to support the community to prevent the infection, identify suspicious cases and refer to the locally made quarantine houses.

Maila village – one of the most remote places on earth, 8 days walk to a road, 2 days walk to the next health post. Typhoid, leprosy, burns, worms and toothache are just some of the problems affecting this community. Due to the lack of essential medicines and health awareness, children die from diarrhea. Malnutrition rates are alarmingly high, as are maternal and child mortality rates as childbirth is rarely assisted by a skilled healthworker.

This project will provide qualified and dedicated health workers, health education, essential medicine and equipment to ensure the village of Maila, and the surrounding people, particularly women and children, get high quality essential health care.

The long term impact of providing healthcare to a community with no existing services cannot be overstated – happier healthier children and adults. Our beneficiaries will have a better quality of life and be more able to break the cycle of poverty.

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