House of Deer

House of Deer with Dorrie Joy, Wisdom Keeper of Red Road and Celtic Traditions

The House of Deer is an Earth Altar, a sacred space, an art installation of wild and wonder, a forest temple and a place of moonwaters, held by Dorrie Joy.
All are welcome.
Traditional unique and wild handcrafted shamanic craft, totems, instruments, books, art and prints are on sale here too.
Dorrie will be holding a water blessing of morning songs here each morning,
along with Drum Making workshops and other ancestral crafts throughout the festival, including gorgeous Ayacucho embroidery.
Spaces for these workshops are pre booked and limited.
Dorrie is offering several free talks on wild harvesting our medicines, life honouring and roadkill handling. Ceremonial spaces include a women’s blessing of lullabies and cedar, a night of spoken word for the spirits, and a very beautiful ceremony of flowers and homecoming for our LGBTQIA community.

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About Dorrie:

Dorrie Joy, pipe carrier & grandmother, is an artist and craftswoman working in many mediums of ancestral skills. Her work is rooted in reciprocity and decolonisation. For 25 years she has been holding workshops and sacred spaces that centre creativity as a practice of soul mending and belonging.

You can see more about Dorrie’s work on her website