The Huni Kuin people inhabit mostly Brazilian lands in the tropical Amazon, in the state of Acre. They’ve had relatively late contact with the Western world. After decades of persecution and adversity, they have managed to survive and uphold their ancient traditions and deep connection to nature.

The Huni Kuin are an ancient tribe who have been working with their sacred medicines for millennia. These medicines link them to the spirits of the forest. It enables them to experience a harmonious relationship with the elements of nature – fundamental for the maintenance of their health and spirituality among their community. It is this experience they wish to share with humanity.

They are living in a time of great importance where their mission is to create awareness of their existence and the reality of the threat to the Amazon Rainforest. It is with this awareness and alliance with the Western world that together we can stand in solidarity with the forest and the people, to help preserve and protect Mother Earth, her elements, the sacred traditions and medicines for the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Samia Biruany leads the women’s group Mawa Isa Keneya in the Pinuya Village (Hummingbird village). They’ve just launched their shop Mima Xarabu with the assistance of Jeanne De Kroon from Zazi Vintage who works with the UN to support women’s indigenous art, crafts and traditional clothing. The arts and crafts made by many on the women there is helping to bring an income but the materials to make these arts can be costly. The money donated by Medicine Festival will be a huge boost to covering their costs to make their arts and help boost their income. This helps support the women and their families.

At the beginning of 2022 the Huni Kuin lands in Acre Brazil were affected by some of the worst flooding in memory. In the village of Novo Futuro, home of Ninawa Pai Da Mata, many of the buildings that support their culture and that help to host cultural gatherings were destroyed including their Moloka (temple). Fundraising to rebuild the damage has been limited and there are still many projects to finish the rebuilding. The money donated by Medicine Festival will go towards some of these projects, including a new community bathroom and shower block. As well as other projects.

NOVO FUTURO VILLAGE (£1,022.16)Medicine Festival ran a Huni Kuin Fundraiser event in Bristol on Wednesday 22 June. The event was a great success and we raised £1,022.16 to go towards building the new maloca structure at the Novo Futuro village

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