Kareem Raihani

Kareem Raihani

Shaman of Dance, Ecstatic Dance Master, Dance Floor Magician…
Kareem Raïhani has been called many names for the ecstatic journeys he creates world wide on festivals, gatherings, retreats and ceremonies. The only way to understand what all those dancers feel through Kareem’s music and dance is to simply experience it! For more then 20 Years, Kareem Raïhani shares his music throughout Europe and beyond and mixes like no other different styles of dance music into a happening of body shaking rhythms, shamanic vibes, heart opening sounds, spiraling melodies and contagious grooves.

His sets are containing many of his own productions and remixes. Being close to the heart and Mother Earth. Respecting ancient knowledge and conscious of modern technology. Kareem’s Dj sets are setting dance floors on fire! He is always reaching for that moment when the trance kicks in and the dancer becomes the dance…

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