Combining ancient wisdom with practical advice from modern teachers, Kindred Spirit has been the UK’s go-to guide for spiritual and compassionate living for over 25 years.

Since the very first issue was published in November 1987, the magazine has featured all kinds of discoveries from the fields of physical health and wellbeing to revelations concerning spirituality or the inner workings of the human mind. New and progressive forms of complementary healthcare such as Zero Balancing and Holographic Re-patterning appear in Kindred Spirit next to articles on angels and the latest explanation of the workings of Stonehenge. We have featured groundbreaking stories such as the inner temple of Damanhur, the psychic surgery of John of God, and the link between our genetic conditioning and the I-Ching – years before such news hit the mainstream publications.

Since summer 2014 Kindred Spirit has become part of Watkins Books, London’s oldest and largest esoteric bookshop founded in 1893 by John Watkins.

Kindred Spirit continues to offer a variety of wisdoms, investigations and windows into the huge remit that comes under the title of Mind, Body and Spirit. We are here to put forward some of the alternatives, in line with a natural wisdom that elevates us all.

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