Let’s Get Spizzy (Conscious Game Show)

Let’s Get Spizzy – The Conscious Game Show

Hosted by Chris Fitchew & The Wonderment Angels

Thurs 18th – 9.30pm-11pm

Fri 19th – 9.30pm-11pm

Joy Alchemist and Jester Chris Fitchew hosts this rip-roaring, conscious Games Show with heart, soul, a whole lot of magic and an abundance of mayhem. Join us and play all the classic favourite games with a spiritual spin and new 5D New Earth meaning. “Numerology Bingo”, “Play your Tarot Cards Right”, “Surprise Surprise with Past Lives”, “Know Your Twin Flame”, “Pass the Magic Parcel”, “Master-Soul-Mind”, “Generation X Game” and more. Everyone’s a Winner! Laughter and joy is the medicine on the menu!