Lughnasad Ceremony

Lughnasad Ceremony with Annie Spencer

Lughnasad or Lammas is the celebration of the gathering in of the grains.  The oats, wheat and barley are harvested, the fruits are swelling on the trees and in the hedgerows, young animals are flourishing, mushrooms arrive in the meadows.  If all has gone well, this is a time of plenty.  A time to celebrate the bounty that the earth raises up for us.

Each generation celebrates Lughnasad in their own way.  For some it was a time for two gods to battle over the grain, one bringing plenty and another famine caused by drought or floods.  At this time, when we are so far removed from the natural world and from remembering that all that we have comes from this beautiful earth, this is an opportunity to remember, with gratitude, all that we have received.

And so we do not forget.  We take time to remember all that is given to us in this life and we make a grand offering back in gratitude.  In ceremony, we create a thing of beauty and then with song we carry it around the land and find a throne for it to rest on for all of life to enjoy.

You might want to bring a flower, a ribbon, a feather to this ceremony to help create beauty.  You are welcome to come just with your hands ready to make, your voice to sing and with the best of intentions.

About Annie:

Annie Spencer is a ceremonialist and workshop leader who has been running groups and trainings for nearly 40 years and with a background in humanistic psychology and earth-based spiritual traditions, she is skilled at moving between spiritual teachings and the disciplines of psychology. She was apprenticed in a North American tradition in the ‘80’s and has studied Mayan teachings from Guatemala for the past 15 years. Annie does not forget the traditions of her own land and hopes to enliven and strengthen them with the teachings she brings from other ancient ways.