Murmuration Choir

Murmuration Choir

Murmuration Choir is a 40-60 voiced, contemporary choral project, based in Bristol. It brings together a collective of singers and artists dedicated to their craft, who share a passion for innovators and visionaries of 21st-century popular music. Largely inspired by 6Music DJs, and the alternative music scene, our repertoire draws from a palate of Independent, Neo-Soul, Electronic, and Experimental Pop, and is realised into 8-part vocal harmony, soundscape, effects and percussion.

Throughout history, the coming together of voices has been key in the realisation of positive social change, the survival of the human spirit, and its connection to where we are. At its heart, this project aims to harness the transformative influence of music, as we move forward into unknown times, breathing further life into its potentiality with the power of musicians coming together to reclaim it. The artists and tracks we choose to work with, aim to share an experiential message of hope, creativity, connection, respect, people power & healing, and to support a more inclusive and sustainably sourced music industry.

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