Ninawa Pai Da Mata


Ninawa Pai Da Mata is the Chief of the Novo Futuro Village, of the Huni Kuin people in Acre, Brazil and comes from an unbroken lineage of powerful spiritual leaders (Pajes). Since he started traveling in 2013 he quickly became known as one of the original rockstars from the forest. He is a gifted musician and captivates people wherever he goes with his charisma and power and sharing his message of nature, love and humility. He has appeared at Glastonbury Festival, Medicine Festival, in the UK, as well as one of the main spiritual leaders of the annual Aniwa gathering in the the USA.

The Huni Kuin – “the genuine people” – are an Indigenous society in the state of Acre, Brazil. They live in harmony with the rainforest and its wildlife. But their habitat is dwindling. They are desperately fighting for nature and their survival.

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