Plant Medicine and Jungle Wisdom

Plant Medicine and Jungle Wisdom

with Don William Llerena Murayari

A talk about the Master Plant Medicines of Peru, how we can heal with them and connect to higher states of consciousness, and an invitation to those who want to go deeper into their self discovery to join us in the Amazon jungle later this year.

About William:

William Llerena Murayari is a Peruvian Curandero of the Cocama lineage. He grew up learning first hand of the medicinal plants of the jungle through his father and grandfather, who were both Curanderos. From the age of 12, William was helping his father, Santiago Llerena, who was primarily a Vegetelista, make remedies for people who were sick in his village. Now he is a highly respected Curandero with over 30 years of experience working with the plants and has had the opportunity to grow communities and bring healing to many people across the globe. He has a unique style, and is a clear channel for the medicine, working with much integrity, humility and compassion. His musical mastery and exquisite visionary paintings are true examples of his profound connection.

William says, “the songs that I sing in the healing ceremonies are the fruits of the work with the medicines. That is why when i sing the Icaros, the language of the plants, we can connect directly with the spirit world, entering profoundly until the heart of the earth, the rivers and outer space.”

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