Darragh Stewart

Darragh is an international wellness retreat and plant medicine facilitator. He is passionate about Celtic mythology, shamanism and spirituality. He has a Genetics Phd from Trinity College Dublin and is interested in bridging the gap between science and spirituality. He has a grounded approach to exploring spirituality creating the space for people to connect to what resonates for them without dogma or judgement. He works in circles and individually with Men and Women helping guide them to their authentic self. He also has an interest in meditation, psychedelic science and men’s work

About Inner Warrior Workshop

A two hour men’s workshop . Connecting to your inner warrior. The warrior can be a profound Archetype to connect to. We will explore the power of the traits the warrior embodies to brings us connection to self, clarity to understand our life’s vision and ground our purpose into reality. 

We will also be exploring the Shadow aspects of this Archetype and how it can negatively affect us and our relationships. It promises to be such a beautiful, open and supportive space. 

Places will be limited open to all who identify as male in body or mind.

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