Psychedelic Medicalisation

Psychedelic Medicalisation: Challenges, Pitfalls, Pleasures and Hopes

with Ben Sessa, Ros McAlpine, Ashleigh Murphy, David Eritzoe, Ben Mudge and Steve O’Brien (chair).

This exciting panel brings together a diverse collection of experts in the field of psychedelic research and healthcare; including doctors, psychologists, researchers and representatives from the growing psychedelic healthcare industry. The panelists will debate some of the difficult and challenging questions of the day in respect of how we move from academia into universal healthcare. Topics covered will include financial issues, funding issues, challenges to the sacredness of psychedelics, translation of psychedelic experiences in viable commercial businesses and the role of diversity and inclusion in the psychedelic community. It will be a lively debate, with strong opinions on all sides. Not to be missed!