We create and celebrate a culture which respects the potential of psychedelics and the related practices and philosophies they inspire.

Whether you’re a seasoned psychonaut, working to integrate revelations from a profound experience, or just a little curious, we offer a space of knowledge, support, education and play. Come explore – wherever you are on your journey.

We are about more than just psychoactive substances. We subscribe to the broader, original meaning of ‘psychedelic’ – a ‘soul-revealing’ or ‘mind-manifesting’ experience that can come through many means.

We advocate for the healing potential of psychedelics and the practices they inspire. With a deep appreciation for science, a reverence for nature and a respect for the wisdom of long-established traditions, we cultivate playgrounds for self-exploration and deep connection.

Our events programme offers a kaleidoscopic range of nourishing & transformative practises to support your wellbeing and inspire growth, including:

  • Authentic relating & conscious sexuality

  • Meditation, reflection and philosophical contemplation

  • Creative expression through movement, voice and ritual

  • Talks on the science of psychedelics and mental health with leaders in the field

  • Nature connection and mushroom foraging and cultivation courses