Queer Circle

Queer Circle

with Mirel Stambuk & Lumin 

“It is a queer life, indeed. Categories always tend to miss the essence” – Elizabeth Howland

An opportunity to sit with others, taking turns to speak and share our truth. An invitation to listen, to bear witness without judgment, and an agreement to confidentially contain that which we have heard. Queer Circle is for authentic sharing and for deep listening within the discretion of our container, enabling heartfelt communication and empathic relation. Together, through our individual threads in circle, we will weave a rich and diverse tapestry of queer experience at the festival.

Mirel and Lumi are running two 90-minute Queer Circles at Medicine Festival for a maximum of 12 participants at a time. Participants must arrive promptly to maintain a safe space throughout the circle.

About Mirel Stambuk (She/Her)

Mirel is a sauntering poet, with an errant passion for being alone, and for being with. In my work as holder of council, mentor and vision fast guide, I kindle a fire for queer ones, displaced ones and fish-out-of-water ones. I’ve trained with WildWise, with the School of Lost Borders and at the School of Myth.

About Luminescence Thring (They/Them)

Lumi is genderqueer, parent to teens & healing bodyworker. Passionate about exploring what lies beneath, following, finding and giving space to what is my/our truth in the moment and knowing (although good at resisting) that change is the only certainty… Experienced space holder, facilitator, healer and teacher rooted in the originally Japanese traditions of Shiatsu, Taiko & Macrobiotics.