Resting in the Lap of the Goddess

Resting in the Lap of the Goddess

with Erika Tourell

Rest comes from the latin word restare, to remain in one place. Rest invites us to turn inward and tend to our exhaustion, to let go of directionality, of achievement, of ambition, of struggle. We can feel a desire for stillness calling us home.

When we take a sacred pause, between tasks, between the in-breath and out-breath, we can notice the unexpected ways in which each moment opens us to the world.

Each moment we are invited to enter the living mystery, to approach life with a deep curiosity, an open heart and a wakeful reverence.

We need to learn to slow down and remain slowed down, to be mindful, to allow regular sacred pauses and moments of rest to reconnect us with the natural world and our own true, wild nature.

The landscape of rest calls us back to a mindful mode of stillness, solitude, and silence where we can truly receive the gift of life and allow Shakti, the creative force, to move through us while we rest in the lap of the Great Mother Earth.

Erika has been teaching yoga and working as a healer / bodyworker for over thirty years. She is a devoted practitioner of Tantra and walks the pathless-path of the Deep Feminine: Earth-based spirituality, which is a space of embodied intimacy and divine presence, always available to us in each and every moment. Using gentle movement, breath, voice and sound, Erika will guide you on a journey inwards and downwards into Holy Presence and the ever changing world of form; the body, the senses, the elements, the pain / pleasure reality (sukha:dukha) and the individual soul as the Deep Embodied Self.

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