Rita Hraiz

Rita Hraiz, Elder

Rita Hraiz, a grandmother from Glastonbury UK, has been a respected student of Ageless Wisdom, Solar Philosophy, Shamanism and Esoteric Psychology for the last 28 years.
She has internationally held Dharmakaya Retreats for the last 17 years carrying these ancient teachings to sacred lands. Her circles provide a clear sanctuary space, giving many an opportunity to really anchor into their own divinity.

Through her innate understanding of White Tantra and the Science of Kundalini, Mahamudra and The Dharmakaya, From The Vajrayana Lineage,she inspires individuals to access their own intuitive body wisdom.
Rita Hraiz’s ultimate core passion is to uplift and to serve humanity by holding a strong, clear sacred space to support a conscious shamanic journey home into the HEART to be softened by the immensity of our Great Mother’s Mystery.

Offerings at Medicine Festival:

Exploring Sacred Sexuality and Spiritual Companionship

Exploring the gifts of The Master Plant Teachers and their purpose to assist Humanity in a fast track awakening.

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