Song of the Spirits

Song of the Spirits

with Garra rrana (Blue Dragonfly), Wiruungga Dunggiirr & Moussa Dembele

Channeling prayer songs of my African Ancestor spirits to welcome and honour life and all existence, and receive teachings and messages on a soul level

Starting the day with song to fully awaken, centre, balance and align yourself, activate your whole being to prepare you for the day so everything which you receive in the rest of the day can find its way gently.

About Garra rrana and Wiruungga:

Garra is walking the songlines of her African Ancestors, by the guidance of her Grandmothers. Medicine Woman and teacher, who works with traditional medicines and leading different ceremonies and rituals. Creative artist, sharing the language of the spirits in tribal dance and songs. Together with Wiruungga Dunggiirr they are building bridges and bringing different cultures together to create awareness of the new dreaming.

Wiruungga is an Elder from the Namba Gumbaynggar Nation, New South Wales, Nambucca Heads. Wisdom Keeper who is carrying the knowledge of the Dreamtime, past on from generation to generation. Leading ceremonies, rituals and walkabouts. Traditional artist, dancer of the dreamtime, fire keeper from the Never-Never, story teller and teacher who dedicate his life to building bridges to keep the culture alive. Traveling with his partner Garra rrana to remaind communities to support them by bringing clothes and building gardens…. Their new dreaming is to start up a bush university on tribal land to share the knowledge and wisdom of the and creating space for all people to receive the healing of medicine plants in the bush.