SOUL Pride: At Oneness With One’s Queerness

Soul Pride Circle; At Oneness With Ones Queerness with Chris Fitchew & Rizzy

Fri 19th – 11am-12.30pm

Being at one with, and owning our Queerness & it’s importance, purpose & power within tribe & an integrated Community. Our queer circle is heartfeltly open to anyone who identifies as Queer, as we welcome all our Gay & Bi Brothers and Sisters, Trans Folk, Non Binary folk, Intersex and Asexual friends and of course our queers allies and anyone who feels called to explore their queerness in our beautiful safe, secure and celebratory space. We will start with a deep and binding meditation connecting ourselves to each other, our true selves, our ancestors and our wider community. 

The aim is to strengthen our ability to connect to our divine true selves, our oneness, as we dance around the a united aspect of connecting Yin AND Yang, Divine Masculine AND Divine Feminine, Light AND Shadow, above AND below. Join us in our collective process of removing past (this life and previous lives) patterns of guilt and shame; creating joy, harmony and self love from self and society imposed harm and destruction. Workshop, talk, open discussion and check in hosted by Soul Pride – the retreat festival that welcomes folks from the LGBTQIA community alongside allies.