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Lakota Sweat Lodge with Michael Maisey (SOLD OUT)

£44, Thursday 17th August at 7.30pm

This lodge is designed according to the Lakota traditions with elements of the Celtic language and traditions of the British Isles woven through. Michael’s lineage is of the An Lucht Siuil (the walking people) from Ireland. He is also a Lakota Sundancer who has been on the red road for 15 years. His elders are from the Pine Ridge Reservation in Denver Colorado and he has also learnt from the Blackfoot People based in Alberta Canada.

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The Gift Sweatlodge with Geoff Greentree (SOLD OUT)

£44, Sunday 20th August at 3pm

The Lodge is a journey through the Four Directions, giving prayers of release from that which no longer enhances our lives, sharing the song of our hearts, opening up to embrace the new as we are held in the womb of our mother in this gentle, powerful ancient technology.  Giving thanks for this gift of life in gratitude for all our relations, an opportunity to share all we have in common, our love. Geoff has trained with the Lakota and Ute traditions in USA and The Temazcal in Mexico, yet  is eager to discover what our own cultural integrity holds for us on this land. He has been holding Lodges for 35 years, running the Lodge on the land at Wasing for 13 years now.  Deep blessings, deep gratitude.

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Temazcal for Gratitude with Maria Valdivia (SOLD OUT)

£44, Friday 18th August at 9am

As a little girl I was taught that the expression Thank You is the seed that we sow in life to harvest abundance in all aspects of our existence. A great power comes with the act of cultivating gratitude for the life on our Mother Earth at this moment in time: to be grateful for the opportunity of each day, the health and the consciousness of unity that comes to us. In that way we raise our voices to the universe in harmony to give thanks for all that we are.

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Celtic Sweat Lodge with Michael Maisey (SOLD OUT)

£44, Friday 18th August at 2pm

Celtic Sweat Lodge honouring the ancestors native to these lands and Ireland bringing through songs in Gaelic and Cornish.

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Temazcal for Love with Maria Valdivia (SOLD OUT)

£44, Saturday 19th August at 9am

Divine creative energy we invoke your presence in all that manifests on Earth, we call upon the force of pure love to fill the hearts of those who seek to see the rebirth of the new sun within their being. Thank you Mother Earth for the opportunity to return to your womb. This is where we implore for the force of love to return and with it sanity in the minds and hearts of those of us who walk upon you. May perfection and beauty manifest in the hearts of the children of the Earth. Now and always.

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Temazcal Semilla with Gabriel Amezcua & Lisa W (SOLD OUT)

£44, Saturday 19th August at 2pm

The Temazcal Semilla is a ritual of transformation, a subtle poem of elemental magic, allowing us to confront challenge and connect with our capability to allow change within. Through combining the tradition of purification with medicinal vapors from the Temazcal and the four doors of the Inipi, this sweatlodge is guided by love, growth, and connection, inviting the transition from one state to another, from seed to legacy. Our exploration allows us to offer what no longer serves us to the stones, vapor, and earth. Making space for the warm embrace of this ancestral medicine and the connection to our roots, where ever they may sprout. This Temazcal is a gentle prayer, ideal for those who do not have much experience with sweatlodges or for those who enjoy mixed and dynamic methods.

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Temazcal Corazón with Gusti Rosemffet & Margaux Armonía (SOLD OUT)

£44, Sunday 20th August at 10am

Gusti and Margaux run Temazcales for men and women who wish to sweat and connect with the medicine of the Heart, nuestro corazón. Our Womb of Mother Earth, is similar to a rebirth ceremony as we enter again the womb of the sacred Temazcal like the womb of our mother and reconnect with all the wounds of hearts through the 4 stages of our life: child, adolescent, adult and old age during 4 steps when we open 4 times the door of the Temazcal. During the ceremony, participants will enter the sweat lodge and be in the dark. Once inside, hot volcanic rocks are placed in the center, and water is poured over the rocks to produce steam. Herbs, typically sage or copal, are added to aid the cleansing process. While every ritual is different, ceremonies can last around 3 hours which includes a series of thanksgiving or chanting with musical instruments. We also open the space for words and prayers to be shared by all participants. In the 3rd door, we pray together for the Water with the Petagua Pipe from the Guarani People. Gusti and Margaux have received the blessing to guide temazcales from their Medicine Family from Uruguay ” El camino de los hijos de la tierra”.

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Important information about our sweat lodges:

  • We recommend you bring a sarong or shorts to wear in the lodge and a towel and water for after the lodge.
  • It is advised to fast, or only eat very light foods such as fruit, in the morning before your lodge.
  • For the safety of our participants and in honour of the prayer of the sweat lodge anyone who has been drinking or taken any substances will be refused entry.
  • We charge for these ceremonies in order to cover the costs of the lodges, the sweat lodge leaders and their teams