Wonderment Airways – The higher Dimensional Flyers Club

Wonderment Airways – The Higher Dimensional Flyers Club!

Hosted by The Wonderment Angel Air Hostesses, Soul Stewards and The Conscious Captain.

Thurs 18th – 8pm-9.30pm

For all the people who have never been to Medicine Festival or Wasing Park, or for anyone arriving on their own, that wishes for a smooth landing, meet at 8pm on Thursday evening and embark on the immersive Wonderment Airways Experience.

Arrive in our departure Lounge, and once all passengers are ready, our inflight experience will be the perfect way to meet and greet all new flyers.

Our crew will guide you through your landing, grounding and intake of Wasing fresh air before you disembark and pass through Insecurity to leave your emotional baggage at customs as you write your manifestation boarding cards that will guide you to your final destination within the festival and beyond.