Peû, Yawanawa

Peû, Yawanawa

Peû is one of the most devoted spiritual leaders from the younger generation of the Yawanawa people. He committed to the sacred Samakai (diet) the Yawanawa´s highest spiritual initiation, for five consecutive years. In this period he received direct teachings from the elders Tata and Yawa, who have now left this planet. His studies with the elders brought exceptional strength to his work with the sacred healing prayers of the tradition. Today Peû is responsible for preparing and serving the Yawanawa medicines on the Sacred Village. He is also the leader of the very young generation that is studying traditional healing and spirituality, teaching them how to take good care of this ancient tradition and the sacred medicines.

Offerings at Medicine Festival:

Music performance

Singing circle

Hape ceremony

Traditional Bodypainting