Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep is a deeply restorative and nourishing meditative practice with no need for physical movement.  It is effortless, and most commonly practised lying down.  At Medicine Festival we invite you to rest in our gorgeous temple, your space for integration.  On the hour, every hour, each day, we are offering yoga nidra sessions and everybody is welcome.  Bring a blanket and all you need to get cosy.

At Yoga Nidra Network, we respect the South Asian roots of the practice and honour its connection to other indigenous healing practices.

Yoga Nidra Network shares the healing benefits of yoga nidra as widely as possible. We offer online events including; teacher training courses, online retreats, monthly and weekly classes, books and other educational content for a wide variety of people. A free, extensive yoga nidra library gives you access to yoga nidra in 23 languages, with the heartfelt desire to ensure everyone has access to the healing practice of yoga nidra.

 We feel passionately that yoga nidra is one of the most vital forms of twenty-first century medicine and a powerful, integrative spiritual practice.